Platysma is the jaw-to-shoulder muscle. This muscle's loosening causes double chin and neck sagging. Here's a neck-chin-jaw exercise.

 For your jawline

A problem mainly faced by those who are on the heavier side can become a serious threat later on as they begin to loosen up. Try this exercise daily to shape up your chin and neck.

Double chin reduction

This yoga style tones neck and face muscles. It boosts circulation and relaxes facial muscles. Face yoga involves holding your breath and exhaling to discipline your face muscles.

Facial yoga

Here's a forehead-wrinkle-reduction exercise. This exercise will smooth and ageless your forehead.

Forehead repairing

Age thins and weakens eyebrows. Sagging eyebrows make the face look pale. This exercise prevents ageing eyebrows.

Flex your brows

This exercise firms cheeks. This exercise reduces facial pouches and laugh lines.

cheeks exercise

Making a fishy face works all areas of the cheek simultaneously. To make a fish face, purse your lips and squeeze your cheeks.

Pout face

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