Boop Troop Banner.png

Boop Troop

Guild Master: Delta EverGreen

Guard: Churro Pixystix

Child Friendly: Yes! 13+ please!


  •  Handicap ramp

  • Indoor fireplace 

  • Includes roll-in shower

  "Report to the Boop Troop And we'll always stick together We're the Boop Troop Best of friends forever' Welcome to the Boop Troop! A guild with the goal of making everyone feel welcomed and helping furs and non-furs alike, figure out what this furry stuff is all about.

Boop Crew_ New.png
Pookas goat house banner.png

Pooka's Goat house

Guild Master: Pooka

Guards: Willow

Child Friendly: NO 18+


  •  Handicap ramp

  Pledge yourself to the goat house and prepare for a weekend of occult secrets and cute goats! Unite your powers with your guildmates under your dark leader and tread down the path with those unafraid to walk between light and darkness. 
    ...did we mention cute goats?

Archyway Banner.png


Guild Master: Gabu

Guards: TBA

Child Friendly: Yes! 13+ please!


  • Handicap ramp

  • Indoor fire place

From the beginning of time, furry kind and all others built lives upon community and understanding. To live life knowing that people will come from all walks of life and build towards unity.
Finding one's self and to make their mark on time for others to know. To build a feeling of comfort and ground ones self to a feeling of love and compassion. To also know how to give love and compassion selflessly. 
That's what it is to cross the Archway. To be a community with understanding, to build one's self so that they may remain a part of time, and to achieve knowledge of knowing one is part of a family. So be my family and join in, under the Archway.

Guild Archway.jpg