Since we visited our camp we have noticed some upgrades that could be used to their activities! Camp Cambel guard is currently collecting donating to build a bigger zip line and improving there overall camp grounds. Because of this we are donating to the YMCA our first year to thank them for the WWFC opportunity!

  The YMCA is a cause-driven organization for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, the Great Miami Valley YMCA works side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in Y programs. To do our important work, the Y relies on support from members, donors, volunteers, and community leaders.


World Wild Fur Camp would like to recognize it's supporters!

Meet the GOH



Chloe from Glitter Critter Creations

World Wild Fur Camp 2019 
Gives recognition to 
Hund the Hound. 
Hund the Hound is an inspiration to the fandom with his sharp colorful photography skills as well as his video editing as seen on his YouTube channel and other social media uploads. Hund shown heavy interest in WWFC on the year of it's launch in 2018 and helped with photos and Video. Going above and beyond what was expected from a photographer with a smile on his face.
Hund the Hound is also known for his passion for RC cars and drones were he makes videos that take the furry fandom to new hights. Hund the Hound is an outgoing and dedicated person who is always there when a friend is in need and it is our great privilege to award him as WWFC GOH of 2019.


My name is Chloe, im 19, I live in Orlando, FL, and I am a very proud furry!
I joined the furry fandom around 2014-2015 and I started making fursuits in 2017. I've always liked anthro animals ever since I can remember, especially the Disney ones, but I didn't know about the furry fandom until around 2014. 
Making my first fursuit was so hard and really frustrating, but I really love doing it now. Its so rewarding to see the final product and to see how happy people are to wear a fursuit or to just see one walking around. It is my dream to be able to make a full time living off of costume and fursuit making, its a passion that I am so lucky to have found.
I really love fursuiting, but my favorite part of the fandom is by far the community and the people. It isn't perfect, and no community is, but it is very accepting for the most part and helps teach other people, furries and non furries alike, that it is okay to like weird things, because deep down we are all people who just want to have fun and be loved.

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